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Complecontacts-allergieste eye exams

Including the diagnosis and treatment of multiple eye diseases, from red eye to glaucoma and macular degeneration.


Sports Visionservices-sports-vision

Whether it's your reaction speed or peripheral awareness, depth perception or visual concentration, we have the visual training to create an athletic vision MACHINE.


pink eye care for kids

Medical eye care:

Red eyes are Dr. Smith's favorite...and foreign bodies...and    glaucoma treatment...and headaches. He has a lot of favorites.


complete kids eye care service

Pediatric eyecare:

Admit it, when you're a kid going to the doctor isn't fun. We work really hard to make your child feel comfortable, and when it's all said and done we have balloon animals! No joke (Dr. Smith had to put himself through college somehow)! Also, we like the wee ones SO much that we provide free screenings on infants.



Kids, those with "short arms," or if you're just plumb tired of your glasses...we're confident that we have the right contacts for you. We'll get you seeing with some comfortable contacts or our name is Mud.



Not only do we have the designer glasses all your friends will be jealous of, but we also carry some unique exclusives. You won't find these glasses just anywhere. And since we like you, we offer free adjustments and repairs on any pair of glasses. Oh, and no appointment is necessary!

See, we really do like you!


Laser Vision Correction:

Sometimes you just want to be happy without contacts or glasses. We have a trusted relationship with corneal specialists to co-manage your Laser corrective procedure. Heck, even Dr. Smith had it done.  Check out TLC Laser Vision Centers at www.tlcvision.com for more information!

 TLC Laser Vision Centers